Why Whole Life Insurance?

When we think about obtaining a life insurance policy, we are seeking to protect our loved ones from the unexpected such as a terminal illness or loss of life. With a whole life insurance policy, you are guaranteed lifetime coverage that includes an investment component known as “Cash Value”. Cash value provides the policy holder the opportunity to withdraw or borrow money form the policy in case of an emergency.

Benefits Of A Whole Life Insurance Policy Include:
Lifetime coverage.

  1. Accumulates “Cash Value”.
  2. Receive up to 95% of the death benefit if policy holder suffers from a chronic, critical or terminal condition.
  3. Guaranteed death Benefit.

Why Choose Insurance Pro?

Insurance Pro combines more than 12 years of experience in Florida’s insurance industry. Recognized as one of the fastest growing agencies in the Hispanic market due to the volume of agents and satisfied clients, being considered as “Top Producers 2020” by Ambetter Health, Oscar Health, Bright Health and Foresters Financial. We also offer Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Accidental policies, and Home and Auto insurance.

Along with the death benefit, there is a second major feature of whole life — you’re building an asset, cash value that builds in your policy tax deferred, and can be used over your lifetime in a tax-advantaged manner. The cash value, for example, can play a key role in your retirement and financial planning,” said Juan Carlos “JC” Doitteau President of Insurance Pro.

Life insurance can be attractive for many people, but not all life insurance is created equal. Term insurance is an essential type of life insurance that provides coverage for a specific period. The type of term insurance you choose depends on your situation and needs.

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